This is the blog for services and news. It is also an example of the kind of blog you can have for yourself. I say “example”, but your blog does not have to look anything like this one. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of themes (aka skins) available immediately, and you can customize the look to match your site as well. For numerous examples of this blog software in use, check out the WordPress Showcase.

On your own site, you can even have several different blogs — for different people, say, or different areas of interest.  You can accept comments or not.  (Comments from unregistered users will be moderated to block spam, that is, reviewed by you before appearing.) blogs can have photos and other images too — it is a great way to have your own photo album for friends and family.

For business or personal activities, a blog gives you a dynamic web presence with no complicated programming.  Writing a new blog post is about like writing an email.

There is no additional charge to add a blog to your website, so when you are read, just drop a request and you’ll be on the air in no time.